Pharmeasy IPO Dates, Review, Price, Form, & Allotment Details 2022

The API Holdings aka Pharmeasy IPO is expected to hit the market soon after the company receives approval from SEBI to float an IPO. The company plans to raise 6250 crores through an IPO, which will include a fresh issue of – crores and an offer for sale of up to – crores. The retail quota is 10%, the QIB quota is 75%, and the NII quota is 15%.

Pharmeasy is an online platform that allows customers to order medicines, health care products, and lab tests. They are the largest digital healthcare platform, utilising technology and fulfilment capabilities to meet consumers’ healthcare needs. They collaborate and develop services for consumers, pharmaceutical companies, wholesalers, pharmacies, hospitals, doctors and clinics, and diagnostic labs. They ship their products to over 1000 cities and towns, with over 22000 zip codes. Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, Thane, Howrah, Pune, Gurgaon, Navi Mumbai, Jaipur, Noida, Lucknow, Ghaziabad, and Vadodara are their major supply cities. Pharmeasy’s initial public offering (IPO) information can be found here.


The India’s largest digital healthcare platform Pharmeasy IPO Or (API Holdings IPO) will be open date Announced Soon. The company wants to raise ₹6250 crore through this IPO

PharmEasy parent company (API Holdings IPO) has received SEBI approval for Pharmeasy IPO. The company will raise around ₹6,250 crore through this IPO.the company from this IPO, ₹1929 crore will be used to repay the outstanding debt of the company.

PharmEasy Important Details:

  • Pharmeasy is the leading pharmacy marketplace in India.
  • 1 lakh+ medicine and healthcare products are available through various categories.
  • According to website data, offer product delivery in 24-48 hours*.
  • Their lab test facilities provide sample collection at home and report delivery online.
  • They sell their products through their website and mobile app.
  • As of 30 June 2021, the company had over 25 million registered users.
  • API Holdings Ltd, PharmEasy’s parent company, may also consider issuing additional equity shares through a private placement of up to 1250 crore (As per DRHP)
  • The company has reported a loss for the last few years, which may be one of the concerns, but revenues are increasing.
  • The sector has performed well in recent years, and we can anticipate an increase.

Pharmeasy IPO Review

  • To be updated soon


Brokerage Firm IPO Reviews

  • Arihant Capital: –
  • Angel Broking: –
  • Capital Market: –
  • Ventura Securities: –
  • ICICI Securities: –
  • Choice Broking: –
  • Marwadi Financial: –

Pharmeasy IPO Date & Price Band

 IPO Open:  2022
 IPO Close:  2022
 IPO Size:  Approx ₹6250 Crores
 Fresh Issue:  Approx ₹- Crores
 Offer for Sale:  Approx – Equity Shares 
 Face Value:  ₹1 Per Equity Share
 Price Band:  ₹- to ₹- Per Share
 Listing on:  BSE & NSE
 Retail Quota:  10%
 QIB Quota:  75%
 NII Quota:  15%
 Discount:  N/A
 DRHP Draft Prospectus:  Click Here
 RHP Draft Prospectus:  Click Here

Pharmeasy IPO Market Lot

The Pharmeasy IPO minimum market lot is – shares with ₹- application amount. The retail investors can apply up-to 13 lots, – shares with ₹- application amount.
 Minimum Lot Size:  Minimum – Shares for 1 lot
 Minimum Amount:  ₹- for 1 lot
 Maximum Lot Size:  Maximum – Shares for 13 lot
 Maximum Amount:  ₹- for 13 lot

Pharmeasy IPO Date, Time Table, Allotment & Listing

The Pharmeasy IPO date is 2022 and the IPO close date is 2022. The allotment date is 2022 and the IPO may list on 2022.
 Price Band Announcement:  2022
 Anchor Investors Allotment:  2022
 IPO Open Date:  2022
 IPO Close Date:  2022
 Basis of Allotment:  2022
 Refunds:  2022
 Credit to Demat Account:  2022
 IPO Listing Date:  2022


Pharmeasy IPO Form

How do I apply for the Pharmeasy Initial Public Offering (IPO)? You can apply for Pharmeasy IPO using ASBA from your bank account. Simply log in to your online bank account and apply through your bank account by selecting the Pharmeasy IPO in the Invest section. You can also apply for the Pharmeasy IPO by downloading IPO forms from the NSE and BSE. Pharmeasy forms can be found by clicking NSE Forms & BSE Forms blank IPO forms download, fill out, and submit in your bank or with your broker.

Pharmeasy Financial Report

₹ in Crores
Income Expense PAT
2020 ₹7,37 ₹1084 -₹335.28
₹2360 ₹2981 -₹641.34
2022 6M
₹1207 ₹1527 -₹313.89


Pharmeasy IPO Valuation

Pharmeasy IPO valuations include Earnings Per Share (EPS), Price/Earnings P/E Ratio, Return on Net Worth (RoNW), and Net Asset Value (NAV).

Pharmeasy IPO FAQs


What is Pharmeasy IPO?

Pharmeasy IPO is a main-board IPO. They are going to raise ₹6250 Crores via IPO. The issue is priced at ₹- to ₹- per equity share. The IPO is to be listed on BSE & NSE.

When Pharmeasy IPO will open?

The IPO is to open on 2022 for QIB, NII, and Retail Investors.

What is Pharmeasy IPO Investors Portion?

The investors’ portion for QIB is 75%NII 15%, and Retail 10%.

How to Apply the Pharmeasy IPO?

You can apply Pharmeasy IPO via ASBA online via your bank account. You can also apply ASBA online via UPI through your stock brokers. You can also apply via your stock brokers by filling up the offline form.

How to Apply the Pharmeasy IPO through Zerodha?

Log in to the Console via the Zerodha website or application. Navigate to Portfolio and select IPO. You’ll notice the IPO name “Pharmeasy.” Select the Bid Button. Fill in your UPI ID, Quantity, and Price. Fill out the IPO Application Form. Now, go to your Net Banking UPI App or BHIM App to approve the mandate. Open Account

How to Apply the Pharmeasy IPO through Upstox?

Log in to Upstox Application with your credentials. Select the IPO. You will see the IPO Name “Pharmeasy”. Click on Bid Button. Confirm your application. Now go to your UPI App on Net Banking or BHIM App to Approve – mandate. Open Account

What is Pharmeasy IPO Size?

Pharmeasy IPO size is ₹6250 crores.
The IPO comprises ₹- crores fresh issue and offers for sale of ₹- crores.

What is Pharmeasy IPO Price Band?

Pharmeasy IPO Price Band is ₹- to ₹- per equity share.

What is Pharmeasy IPO Minimum and Maximum Lot Size?

Note updated yet- The minimum bid is – Shares with ₹- amount while the maximum bid is – shares with ₹-.

What is Pharmeasy IPO Allotment Date?

Pharmeasy IPO allotment date is 2022.

What is Pharmeasy IPO Listing Date?

Pharmeasy IPO listing date is 2022. The IPO to list on BSE and NSE.
Read more Ipo details –

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